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1.         The Lake

Slovenia's largest lake is a picture of peace and serenity. It's brooding and mystical feel are encouraged by the steep mountain faces that rise out of the lake on the northern side, with mountain peaks also dominating the background to the west and south.

On clear days you can even see the peak of the mighty Triglav. If it is nature and alpine beauty you long for, then Bohinj is your number one choice!

The Lake is popular as a holiday destination due to its peace and quiet, and the myriad of opportunities for visitors to interact with the pristine surroundings.

2.         Savica Waterfall

France Prešeren, the most famous Slovene poet, chose the waterfall for his epic poem entitled Krst pri Savici (Christening at Savica), and from that it has been labelled "The Source of Life" and a location dear to all Slovenes hearts. From the Triglav Lakes above, the waters from the source of Slovenia's longest river come cascading down 60 metres into the deep pool below. A visit to Bohinj is not complete without visiting the Savica Falls!

3.         Mount Vogel and cable car

Towering high above Lake Bohinj's southern edges, Mount Vogel at 1800m is one of Slovenia's premier ski resorts in winter. It is also one of 'the' places to check out some amazing views over the Alps and Lake Bohinj. If you are visiting Bohinj, definitely place a trip up to the summit on your list!

In winter, Vogel is a hive of skiiers and boarders enjoying the 26km of beautifully groomed runs, whilst in the other seasons, visitors can take the gondola to the summit for some amazing views!

The cable car station is located at the western end of lake in Ukanc, about 250m above the Hotel Zlatorog. For those who have the nerves to scale the 1540m to the summit, the 5 minute effort is more than worth it. On a clear day the peaks and sky unfold around you as far as the eye can see.

4.         Hiking around Bohinj

One of the main reasons people come to Bohinj is because it is one of the main starting points for many of the trails that lead up into the Alps. It is of course said that every Slovene must climb Triglav once in their lives and so they come in droves to do just that! There are easy, moderate and difficult trails to suit all levels. Don't be a spectator, get out on the track and experience nature at its best!

5.         Adventure Sports around Bohinj

Bohinj and the surrounding area is a great place to take part in all kinds of Adventure Sports. So if you're not the type who likes lying by the pool, Bohinj is a great choice for the whole family!

There are many activities on offer around Lake Bohinj. These include Canyoning, Horse Riding, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Hydrospeed, Tandem Paragliding, Sky Diving, Rafting, River Tubing, Rock Climbing and Hiking and Skiing which have already been mentioned.

6.         Mostnica Gorge and Waterfall

The ravines of the Mostnica Gorge provide yet another fantastic walk with endless photo opportunities. This walk culminates upon reaching the 20 metre high Mostnica Waterfall below Mount Tosc which is also known as the Voje Waterfall. A great way to spend a relaxing afternoon!

7.         Alpine Dairy Farming Museum & Mountain Pasture "Cheese" Routes

In the highland alpine pastures around Bohinj, dairy farming was once big business with large quantities of cheese being made. Today it is all manufactured in a factory in Srednja Vas but you can still relive the past at the excellent Alpine Dairy Museum in Stara Fuzina. If you want to take it a step further, you can visit the pastures themselves as you choose from a list of great walking trails. On many trails, you can still meet with the herders and dairy farmers to taste their wares. What a great day out!

8.         Studor Hayracks

You may see thousands of haystacks across Europe, but only Slovenia has the unique double haystack or "toplar" as known locally. Easily identified by the double rack complete with roof for storage, nowhere is there a better example of them than here in Studor near Bohinj.

9.         Adrenaline Park

For adults (and children over 150cm) who want to test their agility skills and bravado, the Bohinj Adrenaline Park may be the perfect place for you to spend a few hours if you enjoy climbing, traversing ropes and hanging out!

10.      Bohinjska Bistrica

Bohinjska Bistrica is more often than not given the cold shoulder by tourists who see no reason to stop there with the lake only a few minutes up the road. The town is the largest town in the region and for those who cannot find accommodation at the lake, Bohinjska Bistrica makes a great base for exploring the area.

In summer, the town sees quite a bit of activity around the train station as people with cars are either getting on or off the car train which goes through the mountain to Most Na Soci on the other side. In winter, the ski slopes at Kobla attract locals and is a great alternative if the heights of Vogel are too much for you. There is also an aquapark with slides and climbing walls plus wellness facilities that will keep you amused for an afternoon. Campers also swell the numbers in peak season as the Danica campsite is a popular site for locals and foreigners!

11.      Mrcina Ranch

Mrcina Ranch in Studor, 5km from Ribčev Laz, offers a range of guided tours on horseback, lasting one hour to three days on sturdy Icelandic ponies.

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